There is no doubt about it we are animal lovers here they are always part of our family. We will take good care of your precious pets final journey.  

About Firtee Pet Crematorium

We cater for all pet cremation whatever your beloved pet species, dog cremation, cat cremation, rabbit cremation, all pet cremation.

Whichever one of your family members needs assistance crossing rainbow bridge call us, we will support you with love and dignity in their final earthly journey.

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​​​​​​​Firtree Pet Crematorium


This is Prince Eccles our Lord and Master

Collection Service Available

​​​​​​With love & Dignity

Firtree was originally a boarding Kennels and Cattery and has been run by husband and wife team Peter & Amanda Bryan since 2000.

Due to changes in legislation, Peter and Amanda decided to close down the kennels and cattery side and focus on pet grooming, which is where Amanda's true love lies.

Being avid pet lovers and owners it was through losing their own pet/working cocker spaniel that inspired them to setup the pet crematorium to offer Dog and Cat and all pet cremation, which is best described in Peter's own words:

"Firstly we lost Charlie our pet-working cocker. He was a family member and grew up with the children. He was their best mate and had been the most loyal friend to my wife and myself.

Charlie had been ill for a while and although we spared no expense with the very best vet care, his time came.

It was an emergency situation (a weekend) and we had to drive over to the vet. Charlie went to sleep with my wife holding his paw and talking to him.

But what happens next we thought? Do we bury him - NO - we wanted his ashes, so if we ever moved, he would come with us.

So it was organised through the vets there and then that he would stay with them until the crematorium collected, which was the following Thursday and then he would not return until the Thursday after when they dropped off and collected again!

It didn’t make us happy as we really wanted him home, but what choice did we have? 

The same thing happened again with Lillian, our seal point Siamese family member. My wife asked if we could do things privately and have her back sooner, but this was not on the agenda.

She began to say to me that this was awful, that people just want their babies back home - they don’t want to think of them in a freezer at the vets for almost a week - 10 days.  This is when we first began looking at offering our community an affordable and fast turnaround service at a time when they needed sympathy and help.

So that's how the Pet Crematorium started, with our aim being to collect as soon as you require and bring your pet back here for a private service. Once the service is completed your pets ashes are brought home  as quickly as possible, in a beautiful wooden casket.

We are of course open to ideas, if an owner wanted a scatter tube or something special like their pets favourite blanket wrapped around them before service took place we are happy to listen and happy to try to give the service you require, because lets face it, they are your family members and you know what made them happy!

After such poor service in the past, we have planned for the passing of our blue point Siamese family member, who is named Eccles (after the area, yes) We plan to have his ashes placed in a bio pot in which we will also plant a sapling or seed of a weeping willow tree. This will then be planted in the garden where he was born and where he played all his life, where he flopped down in the garden surveying his entire kingdom.

Why a weeping willow tree, you ask… we believe that every time we look at the majestic life that has grown from his ashes in the place he was happy, we will smile and remember him surveying all his kingdom as the tree will then.  This way, Eccles will never sit in a freezer for any amount of time, his farewell will be as dignified and cared for as his life was.

"Shouldn’t we all have those choices with our animal family members?"